Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Thanks to the heartless

I was happy
I was gay
As I was shady
And hindered sun’s rays

I was satisfied
I felt honored
As I suppressed hunger
And made men content

I was like a mother
Under whom kids would play
As I enjoyed their touch
And saw them giggle with joy

But today I am nowhere
I am just a piece of furniture
I am nothing more than floors and walls
Only an object, not a life

Thanks to the heartless
Totally callous
They shrunk me to nothingness
I am rendered lifeless

As a part of One single Impression


  1. A beautiful rendition of pain and human's cruelty !!!

  2. beautifully expressed! I just hope we open our eyes before its too late. I have also posted a poem on same topic. Please read if you have time.