Friday, 14 December 2012

The Notebook

Nicholas Spark's The Notebook is an utterly romantic book. It is such a widely read and highly rated book that I don’t really want to review it. Yet I want to talk about it. It is an experience by itself.

I would say I have never read something so romantic. I could feel the intensity of their love. It was genuine and innocent. Love would be pure when it just sparks just like that...

The second half of the book is the epitome of love. My eyes welled up in several instances. It made me long for someone at least half loving as Noah was. Cynics say that love fades with efflux of time. But, this story proved it wrong. Love is like a wine which gets sweeter with passage of time. Their understanding and the way they pine for each other is something so touching.

Some books make us love with the books… Some makes us fall in love with the characters. But, only very few books compel us to fall in love! And this was one such book. I longed for someone like Noah, who would accept me as I am.

The book made me think if such situations would arise only in books and movies. Incidentally, this book is also made into a movie.

Anyways, The Notebook is an utterly romantic book. It will make you feel nostalgic.. It would make you carve for love… It is filled with passion; After all, it talks about divine love!

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  1. I've seen the movie, loved it...Will read the book soon :D
    I should start reading books :)