Thursday, 6 December 2012

Thuppakki - துப்பாக்கி

I went to watch the movie without even seeing how the trailer looks. However, I was informed by my friends that it is a complete paisa vasool. I couldn’t doubt their statement either. After all, a Vijay’s movie, directed by AR Murugados, a Harris Jayaraj musical and above all, a Deepavali release. I couldn’t resist myself from the temptation for watching it…

Thus I went with my soul-mate…

The opening song disappointed me… And so did all other songs in the film. It is boring and hardly catchy. As add on, it was misplaced and choreography could do little wonders. I yawned, I yelled and I kept passing nasty comments. But, nothing reduced the torture.

Then, comes the story part… To be frank, this is certainly not a unique plot. But, a rather intelligent one!The screenplay is swift and Vijay has played his part very well. If you are a fan of Telugu star Mahesh Babu, you would agree that Vijay at times was imitating him. Still, his charm never recedes. Vijay looks young and healthy. He has done a decent job.

But, what was Kajal Agarwal doing in the film? I don’t understand why all movie should have an element of love in it. At least I don’t understand why they infuse that deliberately. There is no chemistry and there is no spark.  The way she was introduced and that surprising twist in the characterization made me sit up. I expected something different. However, she was no different from a clichéd heroine who hates the hero… then falls for him fanatically… Cries at time… Smiles as asked for… GIVE ME A BREAK!!! Girls have come a long way from that. It is time to portray them not only as beauties, but also as intelligent one. The World is changing… Director Sir, in which World are you living? I have not forgotten the lively and bubbly Kalpana of Gajini. She was depicted as the face of modern India!

OK back to the plot… Keep aside the scenes involving Kajal Agarwal… Ignore all the songs… And then, Thuppakki is a real entertainer. It is swift and intelligent.

Go for the flick if you are a Vijay fan, though nothing Vijay-like in it. You may also go for the flick if you appreciated the works of AR Murugados, though nothing Murugados-like in it. IN short, I expected more and something different from the director; this one disappointed me. But hey! If you love mindless masala movie, this one is indeed a masala movie but with mind. This aspect makes the movie a one-time watch.

Between, I didn’t understand why this movie is named Thuppakki. There was no extensive use of guns except one in the climax… Oh no! I am not going to unravel it anyways.

And I go for 2.5 stars only because Vijay has done a brilliant job. I am hoping that Harris Jayaraj either reinvent himself or just retire. And AR Murugados, there are many other directors who can do what you have done. So better try something Gajini-like and astound us!


  1. Good review Rekha...Mahesh is my fav actor <3 Since you told Vijay imitates him at times...I'll watch the movie and check out where does he imitate.

    Wanted to inform you...You can still participate in the contest....The last date has been extended...All the best :)