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Alchemy - Tranquebar book of erotic stories II

Some books make us feel romantic… While some makes us feel scared… Some would be adventurous… Some would be tragic… Some would be thought provoking… Thus, books take us through various types of emotions; from love to loss… From happiness to grief!!!

I have been associated with the Book Review program of Blogadda for a year now. I express my interest whenever a new book comes to review. But, I have received about eight books only. Similarly, I expressed my interest to review a book named alchemy. I didn’t read the synopsis or about what the book has in store for me. When I was chosen, I felt elated. When the book actually knocked on the door, I was excited. But, the moment I unwrapped it, I felt embarrassed. After all, I opened it in front of my parents. They looked as if they didn’t notice. I gave a look to them that (supposedly) meant it-is-just-a-book.

But which book I get for review?

Alchemy - Tranquebar book of erotic stories II is a collection of 13 short stories edited by Sheba Karim. All these stories have one common thread - sex. Each story captures different facets of sex like desire... Love... Fear... Guilt... Regret... Hopes... Pride... Joy and so on.

I am feeling utterly uncomfortable while writing this post. I wonder what my readers would think about me; I further wonder if I liked the book at all. But then, a writer should come out of all his inhibitions.

To begin with, I have never read an erotica before. After reading this one, I don’t think I would read any in the future either. Reading a book like this may be alright; but not like this. I was asked to complete the book in 7 days and I was in no mood to read something as explicit as this.  I normally read while travelling or at home. But, reading this book in such public forums made me flinch. But, did I have an option at all?

Now, it is time to say what I feel about the book.

This is a collection of erotic short stories and the way sex is dealt in each of these thirteen stories is very unique and different. Some talk about how people lose their senses and go an extra mile further for sex.... While some others talk about how people choose their ego to sex!

I particularly liked the short story named Abandon written by Shrimoyee Nandini. The plot is handled differently. It is naughty and unique. The characters are crazy and they are fearless. It is adventurous too.

Next year at Taj by Sheba Karim. This captures the emotional roller coaster ride that couple goes through in married life. It is crisp and short. This is the last story in the book and I cant ask for a better way to end it.

The Farmer's Daughter by Rabu Thapa is the first short story in the book. It is about the lust that a man belonging to upper strata of the society feels towards a woman from lower strata.

To conclude, the situations portrayed in each story are different... It pushes across a pivotal characteristic of sex... When sex and lust prevails over, other aspects like love, relationships and emotional bondages would take a back seat. The book deals with a complex subject like sex. It is skillfully handled and the readers will not be left disappointed.

But readers please read only if you are fond of reading such explicit narratives. And you may very well read over a span of a month. I don’t think that this can be a one-sitting reading. I would not ask you grab the book and read. I leave the choice to you.

To put it in other way, a person who cannot grab “other things” can actually grab this book to the least.

I am embarrassed. I feel like apologizing. I also feel like asking if this Locomente came out of her shell and made justice to the book review.

Thank you Blogadda!

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