Thursday, 10 January 2013

Annayum Rasoolum - അന്നയും റസൂലും

I had no idea what the story was… I had not read any reviews… Like a blank white paper, I went to watch Annayum Rasoolum directed by Rajeev Ravi.

This is a story of Anna and Rasool… Their life… friends and love! It is yet another normal love story you would have heard innumerous times. Chritain girl and Muslim boy… Religious difference… Cultural differences… Gang fights… Family related problems… Problems in the life of friends… Problems on account of friends… Problems, problems and more problems!

Rasool’s character is something that anyone would associate with. He is a taxi driver who holds high moral values. He is quite and very innocent. His characterization has no heroism attached with it; and that is where the charm lies.

Anna works for a textile showroom. All through the movie she is portrayed like an enigmatic angel. She comes across wearing sari and looks very simple. Her no-make up compliments the complex character she is made to portray.

All other characters like the three friends of Rasool… Rasool’s friend’s wife… His brother and father.. His father’s wife and their three daughters…  The guy who helps him make home along with the help of his wife… Anna’s parents and brother… The Boat jetties and busy streets of Cochin… The Malayalam slang they use and the simplicity of the characters… All these linger in our mind. The director has gone out of his ways to give us all the intricate details.

But the other side of the coin lies in the fact that the story unravels in a very slow pace. Dialogs are minimal. There are too detailing about the lives of almost all the characters. As audience, we feel like the movie drags eternally. We wonder why they are showing so much and why they are talking so less. The songs are not that good either and there is not much of background score either. To put it in one word, we feel BORED. We feel DRAGGED. We feel SLEEPY.

It could very well be one time watch though. I suggest only because I loved the characters. They seem so real. And I am a fan of such movies that narrates a few random moments from our day to day life. The entire movie is narrated from the point of view of Rasool’s friend Ashley and how Ashley’s life changes forever. I found that idea to be fresh.

So let me conclude this way… Watch the movie at your risk. And you may very well watch this if you like watching all genres of movies… From good ones to bad ones! I believe that this would qualify to become a overtly pampered baby because the I feel as if the script had got too much attention. This story would have been a very good novel! But alas… This is made into a lagging movie L

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