Sunday, 20 January 2013

Eternal Love

Sitting on my arm chair
I am observing my dear wife
She looks just the same
Except for a few pounds she has gained
And the wrinkles in face
The jet black hair is no more
It is all salt and pepper now

Oh… Now she is coming towards me
With a big saffron on her head
Bangles on her hands
And diamond studs on her ears
She is wearing them for me
Because she is married to me!
Though she hates jewels

She sits next to me, flashing the million dollar smile
Her eyes look tired, yet it draws me towards her
Her sari pallu brushes my arms
I take her hands and place it near my heart
She blushes and looks down at the floor
She is not objecting, I think victoriously
Then, I kiss on her forehead, on the saffron

Now her eyes shows a strange excitement
We are transported to a World of our own
When we were in teens and madly in love
I smile because now I recall our first kiss
She blushes and I am happy
Because she knows what I am thinking
I put my hands around her

She lies on my shoulders
I kiss on her head and caress her hair
With children married away,
And retirement from work
I am enjoying my second teenage
With my first love; the eternal love!

As a part of One single Impression


  1. How nice Satya! Retirement is bliss! It's such a wonderful feeling to be with that one person so dear to our heart and falling in love all over again! And surprisingly enough not everyone can savor this same privilege for some reasons or other! Nicely!


  2. What a sweet poem! So romantic!

  3. Oh, yeah. Retirement's true purpose.

  4. Nice poetry, moving like a stream.

  5. How sweet to think that this is what we all have. Sadly it is not so. Nicely written.