Thursday, 17 January 2013

Golden Days

As she saw the Sunset, hot tears rolled down the cheeks. The orange Sun always brings back the memories her first love. The Sunset reminded her of that day, when he left her for no reason. She recalled the days of togetherness, love and laughter. That was life, she thought. She was not happy now. She wanted him to be there beside her. She wanted to have those silly fights and lame arguments with him again.

Her relationship started off like the warm yellow Sunrise. It had only smiles and innocence. There was plenty of love and longing. Slowly, they started falling apart. Then, anger prevailed over. Tolerance level went down the graph and the relationship struggled to hold good.  It felt like the hot blazing afternoon Sun. Eventually, the love faded to nothingness like the Sunset.

She wiped her tears off and thought that if there is dusk there is a dawn. She believed that Sun would rise again in her life. She reassured herself that the golden rays would enwrap her and take her back to those golden days!


  1. I liked the hope in the end! :) indeed golden days would return, and perhaps the next day would become more cheer and smiles, because you successfully went through the night ! :)Hugs :)

  2. Beautiful writing Satya! Loved the positivity shown in the last para....