Tuesday, 8 January 2013


I am back to work after a long vacation which extended up to nine days. In spite of that, when I stepped out of my home early morning, I had tears in my eyes. I know I will be back on Saturday morning. Still... The bitter emotion I felt made me feel week at feet. I hugged my parents and waved goodbye. The feeling of sadness never left me as the auto mama drove me to station.

This is a routine now. It will be a year since I started following this emotionally demanding routine. At times, I feel like leaving everything behind and running back to home. I wish to be the iris of my parents than slog somewhere far from them; however impractical that may sound!

I then analyze the reasons for such a behavior. Am I like this because I am the only child? Or is it because I have never stayed away from my family? The answer I get is silence and my mind starts meandering. It travels along the familiar lanes that lead to my home... Then it takes me to my home... There I see my parents... My mother busy with taking tuition or cooking or tailoring... My father reading newspaper or tidying home... I see my black chariot waiting to be touched by me so that it could spring into life... I see television and realize that I am not watching it at all.
I see my room... Then the table and chair... It is the place that has seen my confidence and anxiety. It is the only place where I would never feel alone. But then life is all about changes. And we live to adapt to these changes. However, the World may change... People around may change... Even we may change... But the warmth that our home gives never changes. The best decor and the World class furnishing can never stand in par with the belongingness and happiness that our little nest provides.

May be that’s why they say that a building made of bricks and cement becomes a home only when an important ingredient called love is also mixed. May be that’s why our real self comes out only when we are at home. It may be “the reason” why we always pine to go back to our roots.

This homesickness is an incurable disease, they say. But I don’t agree to them. It can be cured by being in constant touch with loved ones… By going back to home regularly and meeting friends as well as relatives… Being at home will help us rejuvenate ourselves and reinvent ourselves. Being free from the shackles of pretence is a boon is disguise.

After all... There is a place where I can go!!!

In short, I understand that work could be demanding and that studies could eat too much of our time. The radius of our social circle could widen. But, spending some time with family could actually do wonders. It will act as a guiding force and strengthen us to meet almost all the atrocities in life. It makes us realize that there are a bunch of people who think only about our well being. And hey! That is what we call as selfless love.

And this post is dedicated to two people in my life – My ammaji and appaji. This is also dedicated to two things in my life – My home and the black chariot, i.e., my Pep plus! You make my life meaningful. You made me what I am today and hey! You are the joy that money can never buy. Life without you is hell. I am already counting down for the weekend to come. 

As a part of Carry On Tuesday


  1. I never left my parents till now, Your post is scaring me a bit, coz I need to face such situation in future :P I don't wanna feel homesick :/
    But then, life if full of changes, we need to accept them.

  2. It's hard to leave home. But you'll be fine. It just makes you appreciate your parents that much more.

  3. thank you for sharing such a personally revealing saga.....I never really left my hometown for long, but I know your feelings....

  4. Time to fly the nest. Thanks so much for contributing to Carry On Tuesday.

  5. Another perspective on life...well done