Friday, 4 January 2013

I Am Not Scared Anymore

Three days has already passed since New Year. And I have tasted one of the best days already. I happened to pay visit to my school and college. It is always a pleasure to go back to root. It made me recall those good old days.

More specifically, my school days!

Those long strides in the sunny afternoon carrying that bulky blue back… That classroom and the smile of that friendly teacher… The gangs and those ring leaders… The strikes and fights… That best friend and that scary lad… Those frightened girls and naughty boys…

Has ten years really passed? I am unable to believe that… I still remember taking those nerve racking tenth Board exams… The casualness with which I approached them… There was no exam fear.

Further, I had my official work at my hometown. I woke up early in the morning. Then, I got ready for work and had breakfast cooked by my mother. It tasted heaven; after all it was cooked with love. I rushed to the temple nearby and I felt divine air brush me. I was smiling and I couldn’t ask for a better start for the day. This had been my routine once; a long forgotten routine now.

Finally, I started my black chariot. She sprung to life and we flew. The familiar chill breeze kissed me. How much I miss the place. There were no annoying horns or traffic blocks. There was only happiness and lots of contentment.

Sometimes, we may travel a long way. Life may change and so does the lifestyle. The new life may be much better. Yet, the real happiness could be felt only when we are ourselves. All of us will be the true self only if we are at home; surrounded with people we love and those who care for us.

Anyways, I am fully charged to face the thrones that are awaiting me. Now, I know who will stand by me and whom I can call without any hesitations. Their selfless smile will keep men strong enough to face the hardships. Further it would enable to convert the hardships into challenges.

Yes! I am not scared anymore. Why should I?


  1. only the connection with the past hails as a solicited memory. It never has something other than happiness to offer.

  2. Your post made me feel nostalgic, thanks for sharing your experience.