Sunday, 13 January 2013

I Wrote. Did not Rot!

I want to write something every day. I am addicted to it. But then, what will I write? No... This is not writer's block. This is lack of topic to write about. Earlier I used to draw some huge kolam on my courtyard. Ah! Thus a blog post would be ready. I used to read a book forcefully so that I could post my review. I used to relentlessly observe and compulsively think.

But then, my routine has started taking a toll over me. I work all through the day. At the end of it, I would be so tired that I would hit the bed straight away. The desire to write would be pestering me. But in a state of total energy drain and lack of topics, what could I do?

There have been times when I sit with my laptop open, with no thought flow. My eyes would be pleading for some rest. Regardless of those tears of tiredness and sleeplessness, I would start writing something. The lack of clarity makes me laugh. It would make me frustrated at times.

There have also been times when a thought would evade my mind amidst of work. At that time, I would have to address review comments or send some details to client. Else I may be doing the audit when an unusual idea pops in. At that time, my English with would be impeccable and World-class. But, it would go in vain. I would struggle to hold those thoughts close to me so that I could type later on. But then, at that time, I would meander obliviously. I curse myself for poor memory and I also curse my creative thinking during my routine job.

Management Gurus say that it is imperative to place the right person to the right place at the right time. And, I say that it applies to a writer also. A writer can deliver his best when he thinks about the right idea at the right time and place. Else everything would go vain.

Now, my colleague is in call. Food is ordered for, but yet to be served. I am bored with no one to talk with. I take my mobile out and scream my mind out. My typing speed is dead slow. Yet I am managing.

Ah! My crispy dosa is ready. Let me nibble it. Thanking God I wrote something as I don’t want to rot!

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  1. writing for the sake of writing is not the thing.
    The thing is writing when you feel like it.
    Waiting for that feeling to pen down the thoughts, and then letting it persist.