Saturday, 26 January 2013

Saare Jahaan Se Acha, Hindustan Hamara!!!

It is three months since marriage and she was already feeling homesick. . It was an arranged marriage. She was left with no option but to relocate with him. She wanted to go back to India, to the roots where she belonged. While she stood at the immigration, she felt as if she was deported. She felt cursed and she wept till she fell asleep.

San Francisco may be the one of the happening places in the World. But, nothing could match the rawness and belongingness that India carried. The craziness and loudness… The wide range of languages spoke… The cultural diversity and religious equality… Those crowded buses and noisy autos.

San Francisco offered her freedom. She could smoke on road… Drink fearlessly and roam around through the midnight. She was free to wear any type of clothing and conduct herself in the way she wants. But, she missed India and the restrictions she carried. She has not touched a cigarette since she landed there. She missed the process of hiding and taking the fag; that used to be so adventurous.

She wanted to go back to India. That was her home. That is where she belonged. She was earning too; double the amount she was making in India. But she did not care about money anymore. She wanted to go back to those narrow alleys and amazing temples. She wanted to wear dozens of glass bangles and still be unnoticed in the crowd. She wanted to take food from a dabha. The fast food did not charm her anymore. She wanted eat golgappas and attend big fat Indian marriage.

On that day, she missed India more than ever. After all, it was Republic Day. She decided to wear an Orange colored sari to office. She wore saffron on her forehead. She wore gold bangles and chain. She carefully chose a pair of sandals that showed off her foot-ring. She plaited hair and walked into the office with pride.

India… There can be better place than that. She is the richest culturally. She vowed to herself that she will always carry the moral values. She was determined to keep the India within her alive till her final breath.


PS: This happens to be my 450th post... And today my baby blog turns 15 months old.. What an eventful day! 

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