Monday, 28 January 2013

Thai Maasam - 2013

Thai Maasam is always my favorite (January 15th to February 15th) I am nit sure about other places and other cultures, but at Palakkad, the Iyers clean their courtyards every Monday and Thursday. Then they draw beautiful Kolam.

My ammaji used to say that earlier there were no tar roads. So they used to wipe the courtyard with cow dung and put big podi kolam. Then, once tar roads came, every house ensured that they smoothed their courtyards with cement and started putting Maa Kolam. Some (like me for example) continue to draw podi kolam.  Occasionally, some people put Rangoli too.

Here goes the first two Kolam of Thai Maasam – 2013

This is drawn by me…

And this is done by my ammaji… She was super-excited that she finally got a chance to put kolam; because, it used to be my monopoly. This time, my job is not allowing me to go home at all… So here it goes…

Dude, look at the similarity… This re-emphasizes from where I got it!!!

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