Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Those Words...

Did you say those words?

They cut me into pieces
And I wanted to be reduced to ashes

I loved you by all means
But all I received back was your hurting words

Dear you, it pricks; it kills
And my heart aches

Droplets rolling down my eyes
Yes, such were your words

Those words were poisonous
And it transversed me to nothingness

Now my heart carries emptiness
It has forgotten the awesomeness

All I carry is bitterness
Because of your heartlessness

U may pray for forgiveness
But I don’t carry any Godliness

Hey wait! Never throw such words with callousness
It is very venomous


  1. Sad, but beautifully expressed poem! Loved the last stanza....

  2. Whoa.. those were power packed words that said a lot about the effects 'some' words can have on us. Beautiful flow!

  3. A tale of true disappointment and hurt. Thanks for sharing at Verse First.

  4. One can feel the hurt in this poem. Yes, it would be hard to forgive such an attack. Grrrrrr.

  5. Indeed. Insults thrown for no other reason than to burn can reduce a bridge to ashes in mere seconds. Very honest and very moving. Well done.


  6. nicely expressed....

  7. I can relate to this.... :(

    I enjoyed the flowing of this poem. Like an ocean of melancholy.