Sunday, 27 January 2013

Together Forever!!!

At 62, my life was perfect. A loving son pursuing medicines… A caring husband who is a cardiologist... And a few bestselling books to my credit! 

Since our son was born, we had not visited India. Work life kept us busy; except for a few friends and cousins, there were no one to visit either. So we built a nest in an alien land like Amsterdam. It was at this juncture that we decided to travel back to our native place in Karnataka.

Our connected virtually friends were overjoyed. I shopped relentlessly and was super excited. I was anxious throughout the flight journey and hence, it seemed never ending. 

When we finally landed in Bangalore International Airport, he was the first person I saw, my first love. Droplets of tears rolled down my cheeks. He pretended to be a part of the crowd with a smile that never left his lips.

Arjun was my first love. We both belonged to same Gothram and in our caste; people of same Gothram must not get married. They were assumed to share a relationship of brother and sister. Arjuns’s parents were very orthodox and they disapproved me. They stood against our marriage. But our love remained intact. Arjun and I didn’t want to go against their wishes. I waited for Arjun; I hoped that his parents would change their mind someday. 

One day, Arjun said that he respects my parents as much as I respect his. He insisted that my parents would be having dreams of my marriage and my life. He forced me until I agreed. 

Today, I was seeing Arjun for the first time since my marriage. He looked as charming as ever. Age had no influence on him. His smile still had a flavor of naughtiness and his eyes were still dazzling. 

I sneaked away from my husband and son. Ran towards Arjun and hugged him tight. The gap of 27 years vanished into an aromatic smoke. I cried in his shoulders and he stood there holding me tight. When he kissed me on my forehead, the only thought that came into my mind was that the pain of parting is nothing to the joy of meeting again.

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