Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Virtually Connected

This is just a thought out of blue. This is nothing intriguing; definitely nothing great. But I bet that we all would have thought about this at least once.

Before getting into my thought…

A Question:
What will you do when you are bored?

The answers may be (m)any of the following.
¨       I play with my mobile phone. I press some random key and ah! I see my wallpaper there
¨       I open Whatsapp and see when my friends was lastly seen online
¨       I check if any new notification has come in Facebook. If I find nothing, I see what my friends has updated in the last few minutes/hours
¨       I google and try to search do some random searching
¨       I play music in my mobile phone
¨       I send some SMS to friends and dear ones
¨       I read through old text messages
¨       I play video games in my mobile phone
¨       I open ebuddy and check if any friend is online
¨       I check if any new comment has been posted in my blog
¨       I read others blog
Let me get back to my thought... I was thinking how life would have been in the absence of smart phones and laptops; to be more specific INTERNET!

I wonder if life would have been harder or simpler. Internet is always a boon during office hours and to be connected with loved ones. But think about a scenario where you are with your loved ones. You have promised the person that you would be with them for entire time. Then, you get a call from your Boss or someone from office. Ah! Your loved one would be fuming. The million dollar smile would vanish and eyes would shine with possessiveness. They may be understanding and all that. But, love is blind you see. And love also has this habit of sucking all the sensible things from a person’s head. As a result, our loved ones will always act like a dud. This is not because they are impractical or demanding. It is only because of the love they feel for us.

Well, I am not aiming at analyzing the pros and cons of internet. I am just amazed by the fact that internet can be a boon and a curse at the same time. For some reasons, I wish to use rain as a metaphor here. We all like to see the rain through the window sill. We like to smell the air and the mud after first rain. We love the transformation that rain brings to Mother Earth.  At the same time, we may end up cursing rain when it leads to calamities. When it rains suddenly and we don’t have an umbrella, we feel annoyed. We wonder what will happen to our sandals, watch, bag, MOBILE, LAPTOP, dress and the list just goes on and on!

Ouch! What am I ranting? Even I don’t know dude. Today I would have opened Facebook at least a hundred times. I read uncountable tweets that I no longer remember who said what. I even tried to open my long-forgotten Orkut account though I no longer remember its password. I pinged many friends with whom I have not been in touch with for a long time.

I did all these because I was feeling dead bored. I had nothing much to do. Or did I do these to convince myself that I do socialize? Is being connected virtually is a mode for socializing? I don’t have answers.

After all, all I need to know how life would be without Internet?! Oops! Then how would I convey this thought flow to the World?


  1. :-)))) The list of what to do when bored, I am sure EVERYBODY does that. All smiles there. And I agree, the internet has become family to every family. And the last line, lol :-)

  2. He he he ... I do the same when I am bored, whatsapp in particular :-)

  3. I to do all these stuff....and it turned like a drug to me!

  4. I think life would be simpler. Now we have so much to do to keep socializing whether we like it or not, to keep up with the trend of socializing.

  5. Speaking as a teenager before the internet I can say I see many changes thanks to the internet revolution.

    I can only say by comparison that much of my time was spent out of the home (and with my friends.) Going to the library for research. Going to the arcade for games. Going to the fields for sports. Going to the malls for shopping and movies. Making the rounds to friends homes for socializing. The tools you were most likely to find in my hands were for more physical type creative/artistic endeavors.

    In my youth I knew my friends parental units quite well and fear that in the internet age perhaps that "second tier" social support is degraded.

    Granted if I had to keep my friends up to date with the minutia of my existence I am not exactly sure who I would have found back then to give a care.

    Thought provoking post Satya - When I look at so many people (of all ages) looking (gazing, staring, peering) at their handheld devices, I have similar thoughts - I fight the old codger impulse to say "well, back in my day, blah blah blah blah..."