Sunday, 24 February 2013


They were ready, yet she was reluctant to leave. He understood her silence. So he hugged her tight. He felt his chest get wet on account of her hot droplets of tears. He patted her shoulders and caressed her hair.

Then she looked at him, with tears filled eyes, “You don’t feel sad at all?”

He said, “We are moving on. The past was mesmerizing. If we start discussing about what we are going to miss, we may start up forgetting those good days spent together. I love you dear. And you have given countless memories that I can carry in my heart. They will always bring a smile in my face”, he said.

She looked deep into his eyes, “Oh Pumpkin! I will miss you”, she said.

“Love ya”, he said and released her from the hug.

Thus they parted with silence. Her eyes still had tears. But there was a smile too. There would be no one to wake her up in the morning and give goodnight kiss at night. She pushed the thoughts of how days are going to be without him. Instead she tried to think about those days spent with him. The fight for that remote… That orange shared…That silly argument and stolen glances. Her smile broadened with each passing thought.

She mumbled, “Thank you pumpkin” J

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  1. I enjoy your writing.

    Your prompt "Monday" comes up at OSI tomorrow. Please send me a poem or image for our home page.