Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Ammaji.... You Rock!!! - Part I

Thai Maasam is always special for me; because I get the opportunity to adorn our courtyard with beautiful kolam. When I was young, the courtyard acted as a training ground. I erred.., I struggled and thus evolved.

As years passed by, the same courtyard acted as a medium through which I would show off my huge kolangal.

But Thai Maasam 2013 was different. My job kept me away from home. So, I could not enjoy the process of drawing a kolam or smile with pride when my neighbors and friends appreciated it.

However, I was taken aback!

My ammaji took the onus of drawing huge kolam on my behalf. She ensured that our courtyard never felt my absence. She drew really huge kolam on every Mondays and Thursdays. And here goes the glimpses of her artwork.

Oh! I love her totally… Ammaji… Without you, I would have been nothing at all… You just rock! I am going green because of you… And at the same time dance with joy on account of boundless love you!

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