Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Bitter Sweet Memories

He was back to his native place after three decades. The ruins of the neighboring house brought back the bitter sweet memories of his teenage, his first love. They fell in love instantly as if someone had cast magical spell.

Her laughter echoed in his ears. A smile broke when he recalled their first kiss in the backyard. Cluck! Their tooth hit each other’s and they started laughing.

He was lost in thoughts when she held his hands and said, “Shall we go?” Her voice quivered. He knew she was suppressing tears. That was his wife, his first love and that building used to be her abode once.

As a part of Friday Fictions


  1. Beautiful.
    Nicely Penned. :)

  2. Makes me read more .. Intriguing :)

    Was smoothly penned. For a moment, its like I witnessed both of them :)

  3. Definitely bittersweet.


  4. absolutely lovely image to imagine - from one decade to many later

  5. It all began with laughter and a kiss.

  6. That tooth accident was quite funny :-)