Saturday, 2 February 2013

I Love my India

So many cultures,
Languages, States and people
Where else can I find?

Where else can find?
But, only in India
And I take great pride

And I take great pride;
Because this is my Nation
Big joint family

Big joint family
We may fight; hurt each other
Yet, we all are one

Yet, we all are one
Because we are the children of Mother India
And I love my Nation

As a part of Haiku Challenge


  1. Wow! this is lovely!
    Your haiku depicts 'Unity in diversity' concept!
    I love my India too :)

  2. Interesting structure, and I like the spirit it portrays.

  3. You forgot the foodies!!....a nice read though...

  4. Wonderful! I admire your pride. ;-)

  5. Sahara India Pariwar has taken great initiative to bring the people of country together through the medium of national anthem. We all should come up one by one joining the hands of each other to make a such a strong knot on which every Indian word get printed strongly. Let us make this day auspicious in the world by making one of unbreakable records. Jai Hind!
    Bharat Bhawna Diwas