Thursday, 14 February 2013

Its V-Day 2013

Its V-Day today… And I am staring at my laptop to write something in relation to love… The magic it brings… The happiness it spreads… I want to further elaborate that love can be painful at times and shameless all the times. And when love holds its hands with commitment, life sees seamless joy. And when it ties up with expectations, an emotional roller coast ride would begin.

Love… Why so much emphasis is given to this four lettered word? Much bigger emphasis than what is given to another four lettered word called life. I really wonder why. Is that because love is the basis of life?

Sheer love for life and for ourselves keeps us moving ahead with times. It helps us heal the wounds and mend the heartbreaks. It makes us stronger and immune to heartaches.

Unbound love for our family makes us what we are. It shapes us, our thoughts and the attitude towards life. It is our love for them that makes us think twice before acting.

Finally, the accidental and unplanned love for that “someone” adds meaning to our life. They bring purpose for our life and ensure a lifelong companionship.

Love adds colors to our lives. It draws mesmerizing paintings in the canvas called life. It fills our heart with plethora of memories that can be shared with our grand children and then, carried to grave.

Here dawns yet another Valentine’s Day… Bringing so many dreams… Promising unbound happiness…

Hence here I am wishing you all a Happy Valentine’s Day… Beside I am waiting… With fingers crossed, hoping that the Sun would rise sooner and this time much brighter! 

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