Sunday, 17 February 2013

Let me learn embroidery

Yes Mamma!
I really want to learn

Why am I not like you?
Why am I impatient and lazy?
Will I ever learn?

Dear Mamma,
Let me learn embroidery
So, please teach me

And further
Inculcate patience
Need to learn

PS: This Haiku is dedicated to my ammaji. She is extraordinarily good at embroidery and stitching. Over the past ten years, I have tried to learn them from her. But the impatience and restlessness never let me learn. I still repent; yet I still believe that I will be learning it sooner or later. After all, better late than never!

PPS: Dear readers, can you please wish me good luck? So that I become as patient as my ammaji! 

As a part of One single Impression

1 comment:

  1. Great compliments to Amma. Sure you will pick it up from her in time.