Sunday, 3 February 2013

Live Another Day

She followed the same routine for the past two years. She got up late; so late that she would be rushing to reach office on time. Her work was not exciting her; but she was reluctant not only to change the pattern she followed but also to leave the people and place that was dear to her 

She would reach back to her home late and sit in front of television. When her room mates are around she would listen to Hindi songs, but in their absence she would watch Tamil channels. As songs are familiar songs are played, a broad smile would creek in her face. Those were the songs that were a part of her past; a part of those sweet days she shared with him. Those days she used to feel like all the songs were written bearing her in mind. They delivered her feelings and the emotions she felt.

Her thoughts would drift to those days with him; his boyish grin and the warmth of his touch. He was her first love. They were in teens and deeply in love. Life was perfect with academic excellence and enviable romantic life; Jaise filmo mein hota hain.

He came… He conquered! The love between them flickered instantly and so did the camaraderie. She still remembered their first kiss, a rather sloppy one from her end and a very perfect one from his. They kissed long and hard; and she knew he was “the one” for her. Loads of dreams and tons of expectations followed. Years passed by.

As songs continued one after the other, she wondered where those good old days has fled. She remembered those pleadings, cries and yells. Eventually, love, passion and friendship vanished. He was not there either. She was left there; shattered.

She had to heal the deep wounds herself. Then, she went into a self imposed hibernation. She recovered from the blow, but never won the battle with the memories she carried. His memories always engulfed her.

That night she could not bear more. She cried aloud clutching to the pillow. The tears that rolled down were hot. She was carrying a huge burden. She wanted to get rid of it. She wanted to get her old self back. She wanted her life back; her love back. She wanted to smile and be like any other girl. When all her energy drained she fell asleep; to live yet another day.


  1. Very heartbreaking!
    Excellent narration Rekha :)

  2. We always wake up to see a new of all the worries of previous days...And there you go LIVE ANOTHER DAY....beautifully titled....!!!