Saturday, 16 February 2013

Moving Away...

His mobile started flickering indicating the receipt of a text message. He sighed as he opened it. It read, “So… It’s all over isn’t it?”

He didn’t know what to reply. So he maintained silence. Yes, he loved her. But, he failed to understand her. To be more specific, he could not understand women. They tend to think too much… Worry too much… Ask innumerous pointless questions… Thus lead to arguments and fights. Women, according to him, were complicated. 

He was deliberately pushing her thoughts away when his mobile flickered again. This time the message read, “Nw the great SILENCE! Ok… I hv decidd. I am gng. I wil nt bother u. I have wiped the slate clean”.

He took a deep breath.  He wanted to hug her tight and long. He knew that it would calm her down. He wished that she stops thinking sooner because he was scared that he may lose his cool soon; if she continues to send those messages.

As anger crept within, he closed his eyes and tried to think about her. Her big eyes and unmanageable hair… Her laughter and poor jokes…  Her love and the madness that they shared…

He knew why she was behaving like that. They will be geographically separated for the next don’t-know-how-many-more months. He also knew that the busy hours at work will not let him spend enough time with her. This had happened before also. But, this separation hurt most now. May be because they have become closer … Or is it because their love has ripened?

He didn’t know what to say. He didn’t know how to console himself, then how could he console her? So he maintained silence and stayed a little away from her. He wanted to get used to her absence. On the other hand, she wanted to be as close as possible with him. She assumed his withdrawal to be his way of expressing, “I am bored with you” and hence the messages followed.

The mobile flickered again. This time the message read, “Missing you a lot my pumpkin. Wondering hw I can live without seeing u… And sorry 4 yelling. U knw tat I dndt mean that na.. Love ya…”

This time a lump formed in his throat. He missed her badly. He wanted to call her then and there. But he was travelling in train and it was past midnight.

This time when he closed his eyes, he saw her in dreams. He stunning eyes twinkled like stars and he drifted off to sleep…

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