Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Money and the greed for it dominate both the World and people. Desire for money makes people grow selfish. They become so selfish that the cries and pleads of others seems valueless.

Voltaire remarked, “With great power comes great responsibility”. But the powerful are using their position for deriving money and satisfy their selfish urges. As a result, the rich becomes richer and poor suffer. The plight and misery continues and the powerful never once ceases the exploitation.

As a common man, we curse those in power. We debate and we argue. Sometimes, we may write about it. And that’s all we do. We never wish to be the change. We never pause and try to bring a change. We never try; we only blame.

But think about it. What will happen when a common man like you and me decide to rise against those who use exploit their power? What will happen when we also demonstrate that our brain is also capable of thinking in a crooked way? What if we spring into action and bring the fire of fear in the eyes of corrupt?

Mukul Deva’s RIP is such a story. A team of three ex-Army men joins their hands together. They use all their brains and plot an operation against the corrupt persons and those who exploit their power. The team calls themselves as K Team and the operation they carry out is acronym to be RIP – Resurgent Indian Patriots.

The K Team draws and executes their operations with well thought out plans. They leave no trace of evidence. They are impulsive and swift. They represent India that cries for a change. They pawn their life and play smart to reduce such cries.

Characters like Colonel Krishna, Reena, Vinod and Raghav make the story memorable. Their characterization is strong and stays in heart. They all carry heavy burden in their heart and the complexity of their character draws us towards them. On the other hand, characters like Karunakaran, Hazarika and many such others remind us of the real life characters.

So, what does this book offer? Well, this book is a reflection of today’s India. It shamelessly throws light into all the incidents that took place off late. This book will remain as an object that would cast light on the incidents that we Indians deliberately wanted to forget. It talks about how politician’s greed for money made them purchase low quality fighter planes leading to death of Air Force Pilots. It further mentions incidents where the justice chose to close its eyes because the accused were in the power.

Did I like the book? Yes, I did. The narrative is fast and crisp. There is not a single moment where we feel that the author has left a loophole or failed to give adequate details. It is an assured page turner and guaranteed entertainer. It is well thought out and well researched book. The author has artistically drawn the plot and hence, it lets the readers to get drawn towards it. It further lets the readers to wish for a Nation that is free from corruption. It makes us long for politicians who think about the welfare of the Nation first and then about their own well being.

In short, go for it. You will certainly enjoy. Please read it now. The book is like a newspaper. It talks about everything that has happened recently. Then, you may reread after the passage of few years. At that time it would act as History book depicting how India was once. And I secretly hope that India would get its second independence, this time from the corrupt, as soon as possible.

And Mukul Deva… Cheers! Looking forward for more! 

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  1. I am currently reading this book ... loving the fast action !!!