Sunday, 10 February 2013

What is Love?

This morning I was surfing through channels. And I paused to catch some songs. Melodious songs have a tendency to pull me towards it. No, I am not talking about heart breaks and heart aches songs; but about lovely romantic songs.

Romantic songs have a strange ability to bring remarkable change to our mood per se. It makes us fall in love with life and everything around.

It also makes us wonder can love be really like this.

There was this song where a girl follows her love all the way. She tries out his slippers. Then, she prepares mouthwatering food for him. She smiles... She blushes... After all, she is in love fanatically!

And then, the guy is no less. He smiles contagiously. He jumps... He dances... He follows her and tries almost everything possible under the sun to charm her.

They will wear dresses in matching colors. The guy would ride bike and she would be his pillion. They would cuddle each other. They would feed food to each other and do public display of their love.

And we would be left wondering if love can really be this ideal? Would the couple in love really yearn to meet each other. Will they really think about each other before falling asleep and keep peering into mobile phone in anticipation of a call from their love. Do people really get drowned in each other’s eyes and wait patiently for a stolen touch?


Can love be like this? Rather is love like this? Can love make you forget yourself? Is it a pest that could eat away all your common senses?

More importantly, can love be so innocent? Can love really melt heart and let us do anything for our loved ones?

Rather specifically... Does love exist at all - A selfless kind that is portrayed in movies; an ideal kind. A kind of love where all is well and ends well... Where the couple always gets into marital bliss for a happily ever after... Where love walks hand in hand with commitment and fidelity; most of the times free from lust!

Love... Such a complex emotion it is...

Really? Love happens only once, is it? As shown in movies and penned in books!

Love - A simple four lettered word that carries a deep meaning; whose meaning can never be ciphered into a few words. Love is more complex than life... And an entire life may not be enough to understand what love is!

Love is a feeling of soul, conveyed through eyes than words. Love is a divine feeling. And this post is dedicated to all who have been in love once… Who are in love now… And all others who are keeping their fingers crossed in anticipation of falling in love sooner or later. After all… Love is in air; Valentine’s Day is nearing!

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  1. Happy Valentines Day!
    No doubt about it!