Monday, 18 March 2013

500th Post!

Is it? I am unable to believe this, 500 posts in 510 days since birth. Hmm… Not bad, is it! And today, I am recalling those days when I used to struggle to write something. I used to sit blank and stare at the vacuum in anticipation of striking at a striking enough idea. But I never used to get one.

I am recalling those days when I used to envy my cousins who already had blogs. If some were good at poetry, some were good at verses. But I was worse in all. The stories I came up with always carried resemblance to the movies I watched or the TV serials that I was obsessed with. And my biggest difficulty lay in writing story or poem for a given topic. I could never excel in that.

And today I see myself evolving. I see a picture and draw inspiration out of it. I get a phrase and write something on it. I use a prompt given and write poetry and at times story. I am wondering how I am able to do it today. Why did I fail earlier? Is this why they say practice makes man perfect. I am not perfect yet; but I am at least evolving. So happy!

I am thinking about those blogs which I abandoned only because I could not come up with anything interesting. I did not know what to write and what contents to include.

In short, I am very happy. I have been blogging regularly and each write-up has taught me something new. Some made me realize that I am a romantic at heart and some made me understand that I am perennial thinking.

Now give me a high-five. If you didn’t read and passed comments, I would have never continued my endeavor. I might have given up long before. I wish to give bear hugs to all those sites which give me interesting prompts and somehow manage to get something out of this Locomente.

Let the celebration begin… With a bottle of champagne!!!
Cheers for the Locomente…Cheers for the crazy mind that comes up with something all the time. Am I sounding too self-obsessed? Oops! If yes… Pardon me. If no… Join me!


  1. Congratulations Satya! It sure is a big deal :)
    Let's hope for more exciting posts in future!

  2. 500 in 510 days .. Thats surely a record! Congratulations for successfully crossing the 500 mark! :) I do agree, blogging evolves you into a person and shapes your thoughts in most weird ways! I have been reading you for sometime and I did notice the changes in your writing, for good of course! :) Keep up! Cheers! :)

  3. Congratulations buddy :-D It's always a pleasure stopping by your posts .... keep writing !!!

  4. Hey! hearty congratulations dear :)
    So happy that you completed 500 posts in such a short span of time!
    My blog is 3 years old, but it has only 319 posts till now, should learn from you to be more consistent :)

    Happy writing :)

  5. Wow 500 Posts! Nice work - Great Blog
    The next 500 should be a breeze :D