Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Creative Blogger Award




Awards bring a strange kind of happiness. A kind of happiness that a toddler feels on being lifted by its mother… A kind of happiness little children feels on getting to bite a mouthwatering chocolate.

Thanks a lot Ajay. I am sorry that I took a little too much of time to actually respond. I was travelling and my boring work kept me a little busy.

But hey! Better late than never, isn’t?

So, This is what I am asked. 

a. World – Spacious home gifted by Mother Nature; to be passed on from one generation to another. 

b. Life – A complete mystery; filled with umpteen adventures… A story book with a definite end; though the ending can never be properly deciphered.

c. Awards – Always encouraging and motivating. It gives pride and also ignites an element of responsibility. 

d. School – The best days! Those days of carelessness, childishness and innocence will never come back again. 

e. Love – The Universal language. An unending and ever multiplying feeling based on which the entire World is constructed.

f. Books – Best friend. She guides us… Awes us… She let us imagine and make us see things in a wider and different perspective.

g. Death – Never scary. It is a path towards tranquility. It frees the soul from the shackles of emotional bondages.

h. Work – BORING. It eats away all the time and creativity. I can understand working; but not slogging!

i. Sports – Makes me jealousy because I have never been involved in any sports. L

j. (Your Name) – Satya Rekha Ramaswamy

k. Dog – Scares the shit out of me!

l. Parents – The best. My first love and best friends. 

m. My Blog – Washes away the loneliness I would feel… Fathered the writer in me… Feeds the hunger of this crazy mind and fills my otherwise silent World with words!

n. Chocolates – Yummy! But I am scared… What if I become FAT!!!

o. Me/The Author/Ajay (Don't tell me you haven't heard this name/word :P) – You are special because after 15 months since making a little abode in Blogosphere… You are the first one to give me an award!! So THANKS a lot!!! 

Here goes my list of blogs that I nominate:
But before that… Let me tell you that I am too small to judge anyone and give away any award. I am just listing out some blogs that inspired me…. That is different… That gives something extra to its readers.

And hey… I have to also tell that Ajay had already nominated many blogs I follow. So here are some other great blogs… 

Disclaimer: I am sorry if I didn’t nominate you. 

1       Ramesh Sood - Little More Than Ordinary
2       Harshad Mehtha - Space within me

And here goes my 15 questions:
1       Love
2       Life
3       Tears
4       Marriage
5       Happiness
6       Fear
7       Failure
8       Nostalgic
9       Parents
10   Friendship
11   Writing
12   Poetry
13   Nature
14   My blog (As in your blog)
15   About me (As in Satya/Locomente)


  1. First of all Congratulation. :)

    Yeah, Better late than never. :P

    Your answers were nice. Btw why weren't you involved in any sports? #JustCurious.

    Wait! This is your first award ? After 15 months? People clearly haven't your blog properly, I guess. Else you would have been drowning in a sea of awards. :P #NoKidding.
    And I feel honored. :D
    You totally deserve it. And lemme say, More are on their way. :D

    Take Care and Keep Writing. :)

    1. That's so nice of you Ajay...
      And hey! No specific reason for not being involved in sports...

      THANK YOU once again!

  2. Hey congrats Loco! Good to know more about you :)