Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Are you happy in your life?

Do you love yourself? How much time do you devote to yourself? Do you carry out self-introspection? Do you have a wish-list? Rather have you ever tried to make one? If you have taken the pain of enlisting one, have you strike off anything at all? Are you yet to do something to make those small wishes come true? Will you do anything at all?!

Did you choose your profession because that was your passion or because parents/peers stressed you to take it? Given a choice, will you follow your heart or your ever rational brain?

Are you a believer of “tomorrow”? I mean do you postpone everything to tomorrow? Don’t you know that tomorrow is uncertain? Have you ever thought that there may not be any tomorrow at all? That you may die anytime/any day in anyways?!

Do you accumulate wealth for a safer old-age that you forget to enjoy this moment of your life? Are you being truthful to yourself when you say that you love being workaholic?

If the answer to any/all of the above questions is NO, then man, you have to grab the book innovatively named as “F?@K Knows” penned by Shailendra Singh.

The book keep reminding you that life is too short and that anything can happen to anybody at anytime. The author further reminds and continues to emphasis the importance of following your heart. The author has essayed the entire book based on his personal experience and observation.

The narrative is well-edited and hence crisp. The writing style is simple. Most of the poignant and complicated topics are dealt with a touch of humor. At times, little stories are written. Most of the stories seem to be taken from the pages of author’s own life. The book is interesting enough.

The preamble per se is funny and the author asks the readers to read one chapter at a time, preferable, in a day. I tried doing that. But alas! I had only seven days to finish the book. So I was forced to read a little too much L I bet that you will enjoy more if you read a chapter at a time, especially at the end of the day. There are words that will ring a bell within you. Some will indeed make you do something. For example, I personally wrote a “Bucket List” enlisting my small wishes that I want to fulfill at the earliest. Oh yes! I managed to fulfill a promise that I had made to myself six long years ago!

The message that the book carries is simple. Life is short and you never know what is there for you the next moment. Hence live your life (read as each moment) to the fullest. You never know if there is a tomorrow.

And important of all, if you are unhappy with your professional life, try to do something that you are passionate about. Spend some time with yourself and try to understand yourself.

In short, the book is not a work of literature or psychology. It is just an echo of the cries of your heart. It is the voice of that little heart which we always choose to ignore.

So all of you reading this… Grab the book and listen to the whispers of your heart. See the World in a wider angle and believe that there is no tomorrow. And guess what? If you do that something beautiful will happen – you will not fear death anymore!

Happy reading! J

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