Tuesday, 19 March 2013

For the Fifty Years and Forever!

I held her hands
And led to the dark room
“Clandestine affair”, she commented
“Hold your breath”, I said
Then, I hugged her tight
Pecked on her cheeks
Her big eyes showed surprise
When I whispered, “Golden jubilee, it is!”
Then, I slid a gold ring into her wrinkled fingers
Her eyes shone with tears. She said,
“I love you, for the fifty years and forever!”


  1. How romantic! Beautiful poem and thank you for the inspiration this week.

  2. Nice and suspenseful there for a minute. Very nice use of the prompt. (My folk got into the bedroom too!!)
    This is nice that they had their 50th. Could it be a true bit of your life? Mrs. Jim and I had our 40th in February. We might not live ten more as we are old.

    Thank you for this nice prompt word, Satya, it was a fun write.

    1. Thanks a lot Jim...
      I am so very happy to know that you celebrated your 40th anniversary with Mrs Jim..
      I pray that God gives you good health and let you celebrate the golden jubilee hand in hand....

      This is not a true account... I am too young for a marriage and still waiting for my Price!!

  3. beautiful - there can still be a spark after 50
    Thanks for writing such a romantic and hopeful piece