Monday, 25 March 2013

God's Children...

I look around… The World smiles back at me. Some smiles are out of joy. Some are smiles of grief. I look at rich and I see poor as well. When there are houses as majestic as Palace, I also see slums. When I see spoilt rich children who play so much that they fail academically, I also see children who go to work at factories only because they don’t have money to pay for their education. Some complain that their parents are compelling them to study. I also see many whose parents discontinue their children’s education so that he can earn and support the family.

I see parents always being at their children’s service and never once complaining. And I also see children who take their parents to old-age home because they can’t take the responsibility of taking care of them. They never think what they would have become in the absence of shade extended by their parents.

And I see children who were abandoned by their parents. World call them orphans and some say they are God’s own children. My heart cries each time I see them. I see their eyes. It is no different from others’. They also carry umpteen dreams. They dream of a family and they yearn for love. Their eyes also hold something else – sad smile.

I wonder, what mistake did they commit? If anybody committed a mistake, it should be their parents and the family of their parents. Their parents have been selfish enough to give their children as a prey to their momentary pleasure. I see many married couple who cry everyday because they are not gifted with children. On the other hand, I also see many children being abandoned from their selfish parents.

As I saw the contest topic, the first thing that flashed in my mind was the images of such orphaned children. They are no different from us. But they are forced to face hardships in life. But why, I wonder! And I heartily wish that such God’s children are properly taken care of.

We all fancy eating in posh hotels and end up wasting so much food. But have we ever thought that the cost of our one-time meal can be used to serve three times food for such children?

We are fond of buying new clothing. But have we ever given a second thought on giving some old clothing to such children?

We slog and we earn so much. But have we ever considered keeping aside at least 0.10% of our income. Have we ever realized that it could be used for providing the much needed food and shelter to them?

Why do we always sell old books? Why can’t we donate the same for such children?

Above all, why can’t married couple adopt an abandoned child? Won’t that give happiness and a new life for both the married couple and the child? I wish that the Government, schools and fertility hospitals propagate this idea.

Even those blessed with children can sponsor for the education of such children. Education paves way to enlightenment and it can bring a huge change in their life.

If you believe that you can’t help them monetarily, you may always go there and give them a warm hug. You may not understand the joy it gives even if I poetically express it here. The twinkle in their eyes and the innocent smile is something that can never be limited to the boundaries of words.

In short, I wish that we all join our hands together and pledge to take care of God’s children. If you believe that God is taking care of us, we should understand that are also obliged to take care of his children.

Life is too short. Bring some smiles in those innocent faces. They are orphan and that is not their fault. Spread love. After all, no cost is associated with it.

Think about it…
It will not be a big deal for you. I can bet that daringly.
But, it will be a big deal for those children.

Thank you Indiblogger for such a thought provoking topic suggestion...

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  1. Hi,This is a very thoughtful and soulstirring post. From what I read here I can see that you are a very warm and emotional person. Honestly I liked your style of writing. Keep writing best wishes.