Wednesday, 6 March 2013


“Can you take me to the garage?” he asked his nurse. She gently placed him in the wheelchair.

The garage was filled with dust.  But, seeing his first car bought from savings, his eyes twinkled like that of a child.

It was his lucky charm. He became richer and bought better cars, but retained his first one. He built a separate garage and kept all the sovereigns that he cherished in it. That car was a part of his past. Umpteen memories passed through his mind. . He smiled and a droplet of tear escaped his eyes.

And he breathed one last time!

As a part of Friday Fictions


  1. The first is always special :-)

  2. "Unforgotten memories passed through his mind." if something is a memory - then it has to be "unforgotten." so i think you can remove unforgotten.

    "He became richer and bought better cars; but retained his first one." no need for a semicolon or anything after "cars." would be more accurate to remove it.

    that's a treasured last breath. well done.