Friday, 29 March 2013

Midst of Cooking...

She was cooking dinner, when the current went off. She lit chimneys and sat on a chair. 

She peered through the window and gazed at the horizon.

As gentle breeze slithered through the window sill, a few strands of hair kissed her cheeks.  She moved them away from her eyes.

She noticed the green leaves sway to nature’s orchestra.

Slowly his memories started engulfing her…

Her husband… Her first love…

Seasons have changed since love blossomed. Years have passed by.

He was her angel… The years have been magical.

As power came, she resumed cooking for her love… With love!

As a part of Friday Fictions


  1. This portrays love so strongly ... beautiful !!!

  2. Beautifully romantic writing.

  3. I could feel how much she missed him and I find the idea that cooking is a way of showing love is nice. This is a pretty line: "She noticed the green leaves sway to nature’s orchestra."

    When you wrote, "his memories started...", that makes it sound as if she was channeling the memories he'd had while alive and it doesn't seem that's what you mean. If she remembering him (her memories of him), you might need to rephrase that. And "The years have been magical"--are those the years with him, in which case "The years were magical" seems more appropriate or as is, it reads as though the years after he died have been magical.

    Have a great Saturday,


  4. I really enjoyed the flow in this poetic text..

  5. A very nice romantic feel to this. However, "the breeze slithered" took me out of the moment. Slither connotes snake-like movement which one rarely associates with a pleasant breeze. You might consider swished or even just blew through the window.
    Nice one,

  6. Sweet short story! full of love...