Friday, 1 March 2013

Ouch! It's Already Third Month

Does this mean that we have lived through 59 days of this year? Time is fluttering. And I put on my thinking glass. (Yes, you read it right. Not thinking hat because I don’t have one right now. Besides, people, may think that I have gone nuts. Not that they don’t think so now).

With the thinking glasses on, I try to think. (Well, I am not as dumb as I project myself. Yes, I project as myself as a dumb so that people don’t feel inferior to me!)

Shockingly, I realize that this March it will be ten years since taking my first Board exams – The scary tenth exams! But I have to agree that it was not at all scary for me. I was too cool and I remember that I didn’t study that hard. Well, I didn’t score plentiful; but I didn’t fail to astound myself. I believe that my careless attitude during tenth standard and the result it carried made me what I am today. It made me realize the need for focus and determination. It taught me the importance of perseverance and let me taste the lip smacking fruit called success. Those days of friendship and silence…. Of love and craziness… I am missing all that.

Now you may be wondering what I am blabbering. I don’t know myself. All I know is that I am missing my school days and feeling too nostalgic. This March which is marching confidently is bringing back umpteen memories.  Days are passing so fast and so is the time. I am not getting time to spare with myself. I am wondering if I am really busy or if I am taking myself for granted. I am missing those days of self-love and self-obsession.

So, here I am, pledging to myself that I would respond to my pleading heart. I am going to spend more time with myself!


  1. Even I was so bindaas during 10th exams....But, God! Everybody were saying "Now you are in 10th, Board exams, you've to do well, blah blah blah"

    But, now I smile looking back those days :D