Monday, 8 April 2013

All Alone...

I look around. All I see is bushes and grasses.

I cry. But nobody hears my silent sobs.

Loneliness is a punishment if it is thrust on you. And I am alone though I didn’t ask for. I feel cursed.

After all, I have been helpless. I could not do anything when my family and loved ones were slaughtered. Yes, they were killed mercilessly. Their body was ripped apart. They cried out of pain. But, I only stood there, watching them suffer. 

What else can I do? I am just a tree…
And I am patiently waiting for my turn…

As a part of Friday Fictions


  1. Poignant personification of a tree and its forest. Nice work.

  2. The phrase "Woodsman, spare that tree" springs to mind. I could feel the tree's loneliness. Good job.


  3. I love the tree's voice and how we really feel for it. Nice writing!