Monday, 15 April 2013

I see a Soldier...

I see a soldier in you…
When you mind your business
And know your morals…
When you live
And let live…

I see a soldier in you…
When you understand all are equal
That no one is superior or inferior…
When you let her free
And don’t limit her World…

Oh yes! I see a soldier in every man who minds his own business… every man is a soldier when he understands his mother and sister. Because, from that moment he  will start thinking from the shoes of the women he encounters in life.

Now, I look around with a smile. I walk with confidence and travel alone. I go out when the mighty Sun has moved to the other side of the World. I live my life midst of a humongous crowd. I still live with confidence. From where I got this confidence, I wonder. May be because of the trust I feel towards fellow human beings. I believe that they will not harm me. I believe that they will not hurt me.

In spite of this confidence and trust, I see women being brutally subjected to many ill-fate. Some men make use of their good heart. They betray her. They hurt her. Some hurt her physically. Has anybody yet forgotten what was done to Nirbhaya. There would not be a girl who would not have shuddered on hearing her story. But, that is only one of the incidents. Everyday there are hundreds of women who are brutally harassed and raped.

Some would argue that a girl should never step out of the safety of her home. She should not go out at night alone. Some may blame the dresses she wears.  But, what is your response for the recent rape case reported in Delhi? A five years old girl is raped. Her age is such that she would not even have understood what was done to her. Now can we say that she would have worn revealing dress? Or that she was provocatively playing outside? Or that she passed her innocent smile to the stranger?

The next issue that we face is that of domestic violence? Silent tears of such women still linger in the air we are breathing now. She is trapped not only within the four walls of her home, but also within the mesh of social injustice. She cries silently not because she is fragile, but because she doesn’t want to hurt anyone – Not even those who prick her heart.

A woman's life is full of challenges. She rises with the Sun and does everything possible to take care of her family. Then, she goes to workplace and competes with men who carry an ego that they are the bread winner and hence will not do any household chores. I agree that such an attitude is less fierce in the mind of today’s generation. But, it is still there. After slogging at the workplace, she works further to ensure that her family is well fed and taken care of. In this process, she faces challenges. At home, workplace, road… And almost everywhere around! But she never flinches. She faces all these challenges with a smile in her face. She never once complains.

Even today, lots of debates are going on to prove that men and women are equal. But I doubt if I would agree to it in entirety. Think about it… Procreation is one of the biggest responsibilities entrusted on women. She gives birth to the World. Yet she is looked down at. Many believe that a woman is weak.

What point am I trying to drive?

Well, men and women are living in harmony since the day human being was created. They have come a long way to compare. The World knows and it is also scientifically proven that men and women are different; physically, mentally and emotionally. Instead of men blaming women and vice versa, it would be wiser to accept each other as they are.

And I see a soldier in every man who accepts women as they are. She may cry. Not because she is weak, but because she is bold enough to acknowledge her weakness. She may question you a lot. Not because she is inquisitive, but because she wants to ensure your well being. She may not be as fast as you are. Not because she is a dunce, but because she thinks before acting.

Therefore, I see a soldier in every man who takes care of her… Understands her… Doesn’t harm her… And stand by her… Every man we encounter in day today life is a soldier as long as he doesn’t hurt her.

And I thank all the unknown men who have let me live…
All those unknown men who has let her live
Those men who has let us live!

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