Saturday, 6 April 2013

Opted to Restart

That fire to perform
Continued to burn within
In spite of failure

Yes. Failure hurt her
And it pricked her brittle heart 
Then pinched her ego

Nobody consoled
Droplets escaped from her eyes
When she sat back; sighed.

She looked at herself
Searched for her; Oh! She was lost
She didn't knew where

She withdrew from World
Maintained the alien silence
She was lost in thoughts

Failure was not new
She knew how to defeat it
Yes. With confidence

As a part of Haiku Challenge


  1. I like the positive spirit :) failure is bound to doom, getting up again despite the defeat sets apart :)

  2. A good read and meaningful!! The opening three lines are a perfect Haiku!!

    Since I come here from HH I see you have not strictly adhered to Haiku rules Satya!!:)

  3. Perhaps it's the time to stand strong and face it bravely :-)