Saturday, 20 April 2013

Ramp Ready Hair can be Real!!!

A healthy and shining hair is every girl’s dream. And change of hair style will bring a complete makeover to the way she looks. A haircut or hairdo is capable of bringing a huge change to her appeal. These days a wide range of products are available in the market for making the hair more manageable.

Till a couple of decade before oil and some home-made shika was used. Later on, people started using shampoo. Now, more and more people are ready to use to mere shampoo and conditioner. Girls of today’s generation perceive that use of oil is old fashioned. They believe that it is difficult to style oily hair. In such a scenario, market is flooded with many hair styling products. The advertisements and promises made are very attractive and so attractive that it makes the customer feel totally confused.

And I was no different. With a semi-curly and unmanageable long hair, I was in look out for a good hair styling product too. During such a time, I came across a contest conducted by Indiblogger in association with TRESemmè. I jumped and applied for the sample.

When I received the products, I went through the interactive TRESemmè India Youtube channel. The video was very informative. It gave a detailed tutorial on how to wash hair and apply conditioner. That was very helpful. Later on, they put forth nine different hairstyles.

And I liked…

This is because I am fond of braids. Braids are easy is manage; more so when hair is semi-curly (wavy) and long. The fringes that I have acquired through recent haircut would come handy too.

My obsession with braids runs in my blood I think because all through my school days, my mother used to make two plates. And since college, it has been either one sided braid or pig tail.

The beauty about braid is that there are different forms to it. One of my favorite one is fish tail braid. It is as given below:

So all of you beautiful women out there… Its time for ramp ready hair…
Evoke the star in you…
Give competition to the dazzling stars…

PS: I heartily thank Google for all the wonderful pictures that I have used here. I really wished to take my snap and upload. But my traditional upbringing made me think twice. But let me tell you TRESemmè rocks!!!

Written as a part of TRESemmè Ramp Ready Hair conducted by Indiblogger 

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