Monday, 29 April 2013

She Evolved!

She knew what she want
Although a youngling she was
Determined, driven.

She listened to heart
Yes. Writing was her passion
Ah! She tried and tried

Ah! She tried and tried
But she failed miserably
Yet never gave up

She observed and wrote
Verses... Poems... Stories... All
Wow! Thus she evolved!

Wow! Thus she evolved!
Recognition followed
She remained grounded

As a part of Haiku Challenge on Youngling


  1. A good one. Appropriate thoughts of a 'youngling'.

  2. A perfect story.
    Well, it does sound like an autobiography to me :-)

    1. Its just a biography yet..
      I home it becomes an autobiography sooner

  3. Good thoughts pouring here!! ...and the highlight being "Yet she never gave up" The last two lines are so meaningful!!

  4. Oh Thats a wonderful flow of emotion coming straight from the heart of a writer herself!
    Very hopeful, positive and giving a message never to stop doing what you believe in! :)