Sunday, 5 May 2013

A Break?

She was in the middle of work when her mobile started ringing. Her heart skipped a beat when she looked at the caller’s name; caller’s image rather.

It has been five years since she has heard from him.

His eyes are deep like the mighty ocean, she always used to think. And through the telephone, she could feel the intensity of his gaze.

“Jingles, I am flying to the United States. I would have to stay there for five years. This project is critical for my career; a good platform to earn and save”, he had told her that day.

She understood that he needed to earn and settle down in life. But she didn’t understand why he has to leave her for that. When she nagged a lot, he asked her to think practically.

“Jingles, understand that there is a timing difference between these two countries. When I am awake you will be asleep and you will be thinking of me when I would be dreaming. We can’t talk properly and we will be fighting most of the time. That’s why I am saying that we should break up”

“But pumpkin, why should you go away for that? Please don’t leave me… You know that I love you …” She cried and begged.

“I know Jingles. And I love you too… That’s why I am thinking beforehand and saying that this long distance relationship will not work. It will only hurt… Both of us. And you know that I don’t want to see you hurt”, he said.

“Oh come on, as if I am not hurt now. What are you trying to say? That I will stop loving you once you are away from me? That you will forget me when I am not around?”she asked between tears.

“No dear… I am saying that we cannot be close to each other as we have been till now” he said soothing her. He hugged her and they both cried.

 “I will wait for you” she said. Those were the last words she uttered before he left and “I love you” were the last words she heard from him.

Her life seemed deserted since then… His absence killed her. She tried to move on… She made new friends and met many people… She partied and travelled… But that fanatic love she felt for him remained intact

Months passed by. Slowly an unusual feeling started to build within. What if he had moved on, she used to wonder. Negative thoughts began to engulf her and blurred her rational vision. She tried to bury such thoughts within the constraints of her little heart. But the love only swelled and weighed more.

Phantasmagoria of thoughts reeled in front of her within no time. The mobile continued to ring. Her stomach churned as if she was going in a roller coaster ride. The air conditioner was on, yet she sweat profusely. Her heart started pounding. She was feeling ecstatic and nauseated at the same time.

Just few seconds had passed by yet she had already gone through a tsunami of emotions. Finally, she gathered all her courage and attended the call.

Silent conquered then. Except for the distant telephone rings… Taps on the keyboards… And feeble murmurs…

“Jingles…??!!”, he said finally. And the inevitable happened. She started crying silently.

It has been five years since they have heard each other… Five years since she had heard him call her ‘Jingles’… A crazy pet name it was that he had given her when they had first met… They were only three years old… In nursery class… She was teacher’s pet and her favorite rhyme was “Jingle bells… Jingle Bells”

“Please don’t cry….”, he heard him say.

Was there a break of five years at all, she wondered as she sniffed between the sobs.


  1. This is so emotional, I guess this is what true love is all about!

    You stay apart, dont talk for so long, but in the end you miss ech other, and cant live without the other!

    Loved it! :)

  2. Ah, this is love!! Loved this one, very creative. ATB for BAT!

  3. wow, that was so so good!
    Glad to discover you via blogaton!
    looking forward for more and hey ATB for BAT

  4. Sweet pining for the missing one!! Deep feelings!! ATB for BAT!!

  5. Very cute. Feelings oh two loving minds. Jingles!

  6. Interesting story-line. Good one.

  7. Nice.. really interesting.. And a really nice way to end it.. though it might want some people like me wanting to hear what happened after that. Great Post!!

  8. But what happened next?
    Nice story lineup :) All the best for BATOM

  9. awsm... lack of words to praise.. :):):):):)