Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Govindarajapuram Theru - 2013

Govindarajapuram is a village that is parallel to the famous Kalpathy village. Bhoomi sametha Sree Varadaraja Perumal is the deity of the village and every year theru is an event that binds the locale in one knot. 

Theru at Govindarajapuram….
A place that is close to my heart…
This is a glimpse of Bhoomi sametha SreeVaradaraja Perumal Temple
Palakkad, Kerala - India

Theru at Govindarajapuram will take place between 15th of April and 15th of May and extends for 10 days. The flag will be hoisted on atham star and signals the celebration.

People from different corners of the country and world come to be a part of the spectacle. Children play around and get dressed beautifully twice a day.

Huge kolam will be drawn on the courtyards and at the temple premises. The ladies in the locality take immense pride in drawing elegant kolam. I am one of the people who have learnt to draw kolam by drawing at the temple.

Theru is a time for fun… mehandhi… gossips and giggles! It is a time that displays unity in diversity… A platform to meet old friends and renew lost friendship…

The much awaited celebrations started on 23rd of April 2013 with dhwajaarohanam (flag hoisting). 

This is year was more special…. Because first theru since the kumbabhishekam that took place in the previous year and the Ulsava Moorthy was adoring the theru for the first time.

Annapakshi vaahanam

Simha vaahanam

Hanuman vaahanam

Garuda vaahanam

Aadhi-shesha vaahanam

Aana vaahanam (airaavadham)

Poo pallaakku
 (There will not be any vaahanam this day)

Kuthira vaahanam
This the day famous Kuthiraottam. This will be celebrated on the 8th day from dhwajaarohanam. Sounds of crackers will reign the place and the youngsters will be a powerhouse of energy as they run carrying the Kuthira Vaahanam. (Two tiny horses-kind-of vaahanam)

Each day the idol will be decorated and adorned in a Vaahanam… Then, at night He will be taken on a ride along agrahaaram... Here goes the glimpses of the same….

And finally…
Here comes the D-Day – Theru….

People irrespective of gender and age-group come together in pulling the mighty Theru. 
It is a moment of joy and immense pleasure.

As people pull theru... Trained persons playing Panchavaadhyam... 
It's sound emits the typical flavor of Kerala...
A sound that is unique to Kerala....

Thus ended the much awaited Theu at Govindarajapuram village…
Alas! Now we have to wait for another long year!!! L

PS: Dear ammaji….
This post would not have been born if you didn’t take that pain of carrying the camera… taking the snaps… What an enthusiasm you showed when I told you about my plan of posting a full coverage of our theru… Oh ammaji… You certainly rock!!! Indeed…. My dear rockstar!!! J

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