Sunday, 26 May 2013

Not a Cakewalk...!

Life is not a cakewalk…

Yes… It is full of ups and downs… Pits and unfathomable falls… There will be thorns and breathtaking views at the same time…

It is a mixture… A mixture of everything ranging from happiness… sadness… tears… love… betrayal… despair… success… celebration and what not!

Another beauty about life is relationships.

Man craves for attention, love and acceptance. This urge makes him long for fulfilling relationships. This is how he transforms into a social being, I guess.

Building a relationship is, however, the toughest task. There is no hard and fast rule or scientifically proven steps to aid one towards a fulfilling relationship. If one someone decodes the mystery and succeeds in building a satisfactory relationship, happiness will follow.

I believe that relationship is a compromise. We have to lose something to gain something else. We have to adjust and adapt. Arguments and disagreements are inevitable. But the real challenge lies in how we take those bad phases. Do we take it to heart and carry a grudge or do we consider it as yet/just another passing cloud?

And ironically, breaking a relationship is the easiest of all. It takes a few seconds to ruin the castle which was constructed with so much difficulty and consuming oodles of time.

A few swear words… at times cold shoulder… Or may be silence… Sometimes accusations or vengeance is all that is needed…

I wonder where the love vanishes all of a sudden. I wonder how easily people learn to move on and forget the times spent with others.

I agree that they may not really forget those good times, but they do tend to move on. Time can heal anything, they say. But can scars be healed too, I wonder.

I find breaking relationships as an act of a coward.

The brave will stand and face the reality. He might accept the relationship with all the inherent flaws or try to change himself to suit to the situation. He would never blame or expect others to change.

If this state of mind is accomplished, life might become a cakewalk… Filled with love and laughter… lush green memories and ample stories that can be carried to grave!

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