Friday, 3 May 2013

Still in Love....

Work had taken her to United Kingdom, far away from her family and India.

Weekdays were hectic.

On weekends, she would pack her bags for picnics. Most of the times, she would feel out of place. Thanks to her dusky complexion… Black hair and Indian accent!

But that day was different. As she walked past a majestic building, an unusual serenity engulfed her.

The chinar leaves reminded her first love… And that chinar leaf he had brought on her request. 

They had broken up long before. Yet those leaves brought tears. She realized that she is still in love…

With him…!

As a part of Friday Fictions


  1. Very sad :/ Its true that some random things evoke long forgotten blue memories...

  2. Ah sweet melancholy - there is a certain comfort, despite the hurt...

  3. Your story makes me wonder what she will do next, now she has had that realisation. Will she be brave enough to act on it?

  4. I hope it's not too late for them. A bittersweet story.


  5. hope she gets back with him !

  6. It's amazing how a setting can evoke such emotions, even long forgotten. Good job expressing that. Good character development.

  7. Aaah geez, I HATE when that happens!