Friday, 17 May 2013

Taken for Granted?

He was driving towards hometown when he noticed the familiar abandoned land…
It has not changed a bit, he thought.

A place where they used to meet for chit-chat until darkness evades. How anxiously he used to wait for a soothing touch or a loving hug from her!

His first love she was; his best friend…

He glanced at her who was sitting beside and wondered where those magical moments vanished. Why did he take her for granted?

Their seven years old son was sleeping on the backseat.

Slowly, he shifted his hands from gear to her hands. Her eyes registered surprise. He parked the car and led her to the familiar land and hugged her.

As he kissed her on her forehead, he was struggling to fight back his tears…


  1. a beautiful love story. We do take precious things for granted in life. Just need to take a look back and reflect:)

  2. Dear Loco,
    Sweetly written reflections.

    However this line: "She glanced at her who was sitting beside and wondered where those magical moments vanished." confused me. Is there another woman in the car or do you mean "He glanced..." ?


    1. Dear Rochelle...
      Thanks... :)
      Your comments are always valuable!

      And... Thanks for noticing it... It is indeed "he" and not "she"
      There are 3 people in the car - The man... His wife/first love... Their son...

  3. a beautiful heart warming story.. :)

  4. What a sweet romantic moment. I think maybe he's on his way back to a renewed love. I guess that's what memories might do to you.

  5. This is so tender and touching. I hope they rekindle their love.