Saturday, 18 May 2013

Thank you – A 200,000 Times!!!

A moment of pride is nearing
And here I am beaming
At the same time, I am wondering
How did I manage to do so much of writing!
Now you tell me, was it really worth reading?
Oh! My crazy mind is meandering
To find the appropriate wording
That can be used for the thanksgiving
But words are too less for thanking
I thank you for commenting
Always appreciating
And at times, critically analyzing
Locomente would have been nothing,
Without you participating
Thanks for supporting

My baby blog is witnessing 200,000 hits.
I am feeling happy beyond words.
I know there is a long way to go and with each passing day, responsibility as a writer is also increasing.
And I hope that – you – my dear readers will stand by me.
You will continue your support and post your comments.

Thank you dear readers…
Thanks a ton!

I thank my parents for always standing by me.
My brother for always adversely commenting.
My dear friends for finding time to read my posts midst of their busy schedule.

And here this Locomente is saying…
Thank you – A 200,000 times!!!

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