Thursday, 13 June 2013

Coffee's Days...

A new home... Everybody was excited... But I was not...

A new home means leaving my favorite corner of the house... leaving little Naina who was our neighbor... leaving Tommy who I used to meet at the park on our weekly rounds...

A new home... A new locality... I was scared. There were people who would take care of me. There was a family of young parents, Aditya and Shraddha, their parents who used to pay visit regularly, and their five years old daughter named Hritwika whose pet name was Ritu. And I was one among them. I was always loved and they provided me the best all the time.

They call me “Coffee” 
Shraddha gave me this name. She tells that I have the color of cappcino. A pug I was. At times they would call me “Puggy” and I was happy.

I was very happy... Playing with baby Ritu and little Naina...

Still I was scared. Change always scares me. So do new people. I was scared when little Naina neared me for the first time. I was scared when Aditya and Shraddha took me out in their car for a ride. Lots of people... Vehicles... The noise it makes... Everything scares me...

And today... The new home and it thought passed current of fear across my body.

And that day I sat in the favorite corner of our home... The windows were bare and the familiar curtains behind which I used to hide playfully was removed and packed. A little too much of sunlight passed through the window and I felt estranged.

“Coffee... Come come...”, I heard Shraddha calling for me. I reluctantly went towards her. Her eyes had tears. I noticed that. Aditya seemed to be disturbed too. Baby Ritu was sobbing uncontrollably too. May be she would have suspected that something is going. May be she also had favorite corners in the house. May be she also missed the curtains and may be the light was making her uncomfortable too.

And thus I hopped into the car. And Aditya started driving. I peeked out of the window and kept staring at the house for as far as I could. That was house where I met my family... That was the home that will be a part of my memory!!!


  1. i know the feeling...i moved just once in my life.
    and this summer i will move for the second time,but this time,although it frightens me,i know that it will be better!

    1. It will be better...
      All will be well Legalize :)

  2. I just love the way you write. This particular topic is so well written.
    I saw somebody come from your blog site, the name really interested me, and here i am.
    I am glad I came here.

    1. Thanks Rama...
      And welcome to my nest!!! :)