Sunday, 9 June 2013


The biggest challenge in life is meeting expectations. Yes, you heard me right. People around us tend to form perceptions about us. They conclude that we would be in certain ways based on what they observe. Most of the times, such conclusion will be more based on what they wish to see than what they actually see.

And the problem begins…

People around would go to any extent to ensure that we change… They would try bending us so that we suite to the image they had perceived.

I such a scenario, we have two choices - To change or to ignore!
I believe that we change at times, when the people involved are very close to our hearts. Indeed, it is emotionally demanding. And yes, many a times, we also ignore what others expect. Such people would often be those who expect a little too much… or those who refuse to wake up from the dream and see our real-self or random people whose biggest time-pass is criticizing people.

I wonder why people fail to acknowledge the fact each person is different? Upbringing, background, academic attainments, peers, and many such factors combine together and contribute to what someone is.

No person looks the same. Even the identical twins will have some differences. So I wonder why people compare. I wonder why people are not ready to bury their expectations instead of carrying the onerous task of changing others.

Love people for what they are. That love will transform them… It will sculpt them in the way you want… It will render them in such a way that they become compatible with you.

Above all, expectation is a monster. It pesters you and kills your happiness.

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  1. Expectations most of the times come up with disappointment!!
    Because, it is not always necessary that each and every thing goes according to our perceptions.

    Comparison is a threat in the way of self confidence !!

    Love the way you expressed your thoughts...
    Short and emphasized.

    Best wishes