Monday, 17 June 2013

Tu Tu Mein Mein - 7

Heart  : Whenever I call him, he says he is busy. Is he ignoring me?
Brain   : He might be really busy
Heart  : No. I think he is avoiding me
Brain   : If you are so sure, why do you ask me?
Heart  : Come... Now you also fight with me.... You also ignore me
Brain   : Uf! All you can do is whine.
Heart  : And all you can do is shout!


  1. it's not that i don't like your writing, but this one it make me stress when i read it...that is why i click awful..don't get angry ya..

    you're always the best..
    me love you as friend

    1. Hey Macedonia...
      Thats ok...
      In a way, mission accomplished!!
      Bickering is all about argument and disagreement... If it doesnt make you stressed... then something should be wrong...
      Your comment assures me that I have done what i wanted to do!!!