Sunday, 14 July 2013

Be Yourself

I am a strong believer of self-love. Self love is the best of all kinds of love. It is the purest in form. When we start loving ourselves, life becomes a journey that is adventurous. Else it would only be a tiresome journey.

But dude, being oneself and accepting oneself as they are is hard. When we meet more and more people and start adding more people in the list of “loved ones”, we involuntarily start changing ourselves. We slog to meet their expectations and fulfill their demands. In the process, we lose ourselves.

But is it worth it??

Love is all about accepting things as they are... accepting people as they are... It is not about demanding changes... The moment others require you to change, you should accept the fact that the relationship is not worth it.

I am not denying that people customize and change themselves to suit the expectations of a relationship. Such changes happen to anyone. These changes make the relationship endearing and the compatibility increases. But changes thrust on people forcefully will lead to frustration and friction.

Hence, I say, be as you are... Life is not a stage where you can act all time... Be yourself... People who love you truthfully will accept you as they are. Once they accept you... and when love multiplies, you will change yourself... Thus evolves a magic... A magic called love...!!!


  1. You are absolutely correct :-)
    Being oneself is the best way to live and when you love yourself the most...nothing could be better than that. :-)
    Thanks for conveying such a lovely message.

    My best wishes!