Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Like it happened yesterday

I was anxious and excited at the same time. I was looking forward to read the book. After all, it was penned by Ravinder Singh!!! I had loved his earlier works:
                        © I too had a love story
                        © Can love happen twice
                        © Love stories that touched my heart (Where he was the editor)

As add on, the constant updates from the author in Facebook added to the restless. The curiosity only heightened when I read the preamble. It was tempting and turned me nostalgic!

As I started reading the book, the acknowledgment itself touched my heart. It seemed to be straight from the heart. A smile never left my face. As a reader, I felt special... As if the author was thanking to me personally!

Like it happened yesterday is a beautiful collection of certain events straight from the life of the author. It talks about his life up to that day when he got enrolled himself in the college.

The narrative is detailed and vivid. It describes about the author’s first day in school when he cried uncontrollably... Those days when he was taken to dettol-smelling hospital to get his injections... Those days when he made friends... Watched TV and serials... And that experience of watching a movie in the theatre... Those childhood innocence and a teenager’s mischievousness... His first love and that first heart break... That motivation and never ending desire to do something worthwhile and make-it-big...

Thus the story carries oodles of genuineness and tons of innocence. The flow of the narrative is impeccable; the words also maturing with the protagonist – Ravinder.

Yet, there was a moment when I wondered why I am reading the autobiography of a person who is just another persona, like you and me. And that question itself came with an answer. I am reading for the exactly same reason; because he is like you and me.

The beauty of this piece of work is that you will never see the protagonist there. It not Ravinder you see there and relate to. Instead you see yourself. As you turn more and more pages, your life comes in front of your eyes. Your first day at school... Those painful injections... Those friends made and lost... Those teachers and chapters... That first love and first heartbreak... That first failure and the lesson it taught... That innocence of a child and the naughtiness of a teenager... EVERYTHING.... EVERYTHING runs into your mind... Like a phantasmagoria!

And BANG! The author strikes a chord with us...
He wins our heart...
Once again...
All over again...

Therefore I say, folks, go for the book.
And gear up for a journey to the best days of your life – childhood and adolescence J

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