Thursday, 11 July 2013

Those 39 hours!

It was 7 in the morning when I reached home. A Saturday it and I was home after a looooooooooong time!

I would say after two loooooooooooooooooooong months L

I sat on the cozy bed cuddling the familiar pillows which spread warmth through me. And I gazed up at the ceiling and tried to come up with how I can effectively spend the next 39 hours. I wanted those 39 hours to be splendid.

The last two months had been stressful and emotionally demanding. Being away from home is not easy for someone who is as homesick as I am.

I had read somewhere that the best ways to distress are:
1.      Shopping; and
2.      Cleaning

Hence, mentally I prepared a to-do list...
1.      Shopping
2.      More shopping
3.      Cleaning
4.      And more cleaning
I further made arrangements to take classes to my students. The energy those two hours imparted on me is something immeasurable; I bet shamelessly that it is far too higher compared to the knowledge I tried to impart to them.

And at the end of 39th hour, I was tired, yet beaming sunnily. Awesome time it was at home, after a really long time. As a bonus, I also watched Barfi again. It is such a feel good film. It makes you happy and I was happy.

When the auto-mama came and as I waved goodbye to my parents, I knew that a great week is going to be ahead. I knew that I would frown less and I would be full of life.

After all...
The weekend was AWESOME man!!!
And to amaze myself, as I prepared to fall asleep on the upper berth, unusually, I was looking forward for the weekdays - the working days!

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